Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Review: "Balkan Traditional Witchcraft" By Radomir Ristic

I had long been awaiting the publication of this book.  After several years of waiting for the English language edition, I am not the least bit let down by it. Not only does this book give many examples of the folk magic side of witchcraft in the Balkan's, the studies given in the book show a philosophical side to the approach that may astound any reader familiar with British Traditional Craft. That is to say, astounded, not so much in surprise, but rather by the similarities in the philosophical bent of both witch cults. This work proves that the witchcult of Europe has roots in a core tradition. Those familiar with the British witches' worship of the Horned God and Mother Goddess figures will see here that this belief stretched across Europe. In addition the author interviews, as well as photographs, old practitioners of Balkan craft. In some instances entire traditional rituals are revealed to the reader. There is also a wealth of correspondence in this book, from herblore to the lore of color and number. This book comes with the highest kudos from this author!